Not a “One Way” street

I posted this on the old School in the Cloud website back in 2015. And the concern hasn’t changed since then. Those of you who wish to join The Granny Cloud, as a centre or as a Granny need to be aware of this. It ties in with our goals as well as the way […]


The Granny Cloud Community

When we first began(in 2008 – 2009) connecting with children in several locations (mainly around the Hyderabad area and one in Sindhudurg), our objective was relatively limited. To provide these children, unfamiliar with English language, an opportunity to interact with native English speakers (mostly from the UK). We hoped that the interaction would help the […]


Welcome to The Granny Cloud

Welcome! The Granny Cloud moves to the next stage in it’s evolution. From the trials towards the end of 2008 to the formal beginnings in 2009, we’ve come a long way. From mid August 2017, we have a site in which not only can we share our experiences with the public at large, but also […]