Become a Granny Cloud Centre

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Granny Cloud Centre. We are currently not accepting any new applications due to limited numbers of available Grannies and having reached a new stage in the evolution of The Granny Cloud. We do not plan to expand in the near future. We expect to function primarily as a model for this kind of initiative. So if you wish to explore setting up  a similar resource to the Granny Cloud and SOLEs in your own organization/school/community, we can interact with you and provide advise. Do familiarise yourself with this approach to know what is involved. And get in touch via the “Contact Us” page with details of your ideas and plans. Our team will get back to you.

The unfortunate reality continues to be that there are children all over the world with limited, if any, access to educational resources. Our emphasis is on bringing opportunities & resources to remote and less advantaged areas using technology AND the Grannies.

However, the Grannies are NOT there to teach or take lessons. Their role is to provide encouragement, to develop the children’s curiosity, to enable them to explore and to think critically.

The goals for the children  include:

  • stimulating curiosity
  • developing confidence
  • taking ownership of their learning experience
  • exposure to people and worlds beyond their context
  • fostering independent thinking
  • improving English conversation
  • improving literacy skills
  • familiarisation with the internet
  • developing search skills
  • Strengthening social skills
  • encouraging collaboration with peers
  • developing habits for lifelong learning
  • having fun!

Depending on the children at your centre, the focus of the sessions will vary.

Sessions might include:

  • engaging the children in conversation
  • asking questions and inspiring curiosity
  • exposing them to ideas and concepts
  • showing them pictures, videos or artefacts that provoke curiosity
  • encouraging them to find information on the internet
  • asking big questions for them to explore
  • responding to their questions and interests
  • singing and playing games
  • arts and crafts

How do I set up a Granny Cloud Centre? [No applications being accepted currently]
If this is what you want to bring to children you work or interact with on a frequent basis, we would be happy to explore the possibility.

Application Process

  • Fill in the Application Form
  • If it appears suitable to set up a Granny Cloud Centre based on your location/organization/work, you will be invited to an interview with the Director of The Granny Cloud or a Team Member designated for this purpose by the Director
  • The interview involves an exploration of your work and goals to see if this is a ‘good fit’ for the Granny Cloud and an initial assessment of the feasibility of setting up a centre at your chosen location
  • There will be several additional meetings and interactions via email with the Director and other Team Members to continue the assessment and orient the centre coordinator/in-charge to way The Granny Cloud operates
  • If all is well, trial sessions will be initiated. These may be as few as 1-2, or as many as 10-12.
  • Once approved as a centre, you/the coordinator will be invited to join our private FaceBook group to facilitate an interaction with the Grannies
  • Orientation to the Centre role and ongoing support will be available at time of interview as well as later through the FB group, group and/or individual Skype/whatsapp chats, as well as email.