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A matter that has been of concern from the early years is one of sustainability. The Grannies have always been volunteers, and The Granny Cloud is, administratively as well, an entirely VOLUNTEER BASED ACTIVITY. Each one of us, Grannies and Well-wishers, contribute in a variety of different ways to ensure that we can keep reaching out to children in many different locations. This help and support comes in many forms:

  • Giving our time and effort for a session [We ALWAYS need more Grannies!]
  • Hand holding with the new Granny as he or she works through their first few sessions,
  • Practicing a new skill with another Granny
  • Sharing ideas that have worked in sessions
  • Sharing or drawing attention to resources that could be of use
  • Sharing ideas for the future of The Granny Cloud
  • Supporting centres and the coordinators who keep things going at the children’s end
  • Helping with recruitment of new Grannies
  • Holding ‘Curry Nights’ to raise money to help fund a computer for one of the most underprivileged locations
  • Funding the website and granny gatherings or travel to locations
  • Providing the expertise and vision to get our own website off the ground
  • Taking and sharing pictures or video clips of the interaction between the Grannies and the children (even what happens behind the scenes),
  • Editing video clips of Granny-Child interactions as resource material for our website
  • Helping with content preparation for the website or FB pages
  • Writing a blog or two for sharing what we are upto with the world
  • Sharing Granny Cloud news on our own social media sites or pages so that more Grannies will join the team,
  • Drawing the attention of the media to our initiative
  • Secretarial assistance
  • Research support [Data collection as well as analysis]

The list could go on and on…..


Every time we have a need, we find a solution. A solution that helps us, at least partially, address our need. Whether it was the formation of the Core Team as a more formal group in 2014 or the development of our own independent, self-funded website at the end of 2016 we have tried to figure out a positive response to our challenges.


But the needs never end. We always need help and support from all of you out there to keep us going. If you can help in any of the ways listed above (or think of yet other ones!), please get in touch with us through the form below: