The Granny Cloud initiative operated between 2009 and 2022. It comprised an independent team of volunteers that reached out to children with limited educational resources around the globe, in a variety of settings, and provided them with the opportunity to experience worlds far removed from their own. The idea was initiated by Sugata Mitra and is connected to the SOLE approach to learning (self organised learning environment). It has been led and nurtured since its inception by Suneeta Kulkarni.

Members of the Granny Cloud interacted with groups of children, engaging them in conversation and in activities of various kinds, such as reading and telling stories, craft activities, solving puzzles and exploring big questions. The role of the Granny includes provoking curiosity, asking questions, listening attentively and providing warm encouragement.

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Are you willing to commit an hour a week to engaging with children in less advantaged settings via Skype? Age, gender and location are irrelevant.


Are you working with less advantaged children? Would you like to have access to the Granny Cloud to allow these children to engage with Grannies via Skype?


Do you have other ideas for ways you or your organisation might like to be involved with the Granny Cloud? We’re open to all kinds of possibilities!


There is much that happens in the Granny Cloud. To learn more visit our blog.

Grannies for Children – EVERYWHERE!

Context: The Covid-19 pandemic hit the world hard in many different ways. The Granny Cloud was no different. It took its toll on the children as well as the Grannies. It was ironical that an initiative that has always been based on online interactions should fade...

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