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The ‘Grannies’

The term ‘Granny’ is a gender and age free term! The ‘Grannies’ are women and men of all ages. We have had Grannies ranging from 24 to 78 years of age.  The initiative, which began in 2009, was originally called Self Organized Mediation environments [SOME]. The ‘grandmother approach’ was how the concept was explained to emphasize the warm, encouraging nature of the interaction. The media picked up on the word ‘grandmother’ and since it was a relationship via the internet, the term ‘Granny Cloud’ developed and stuck!

The Grannies are ALL volunteers, who come from many different countries in the world and English is not the native language for all.

The Grannies come from different walks of life, including educators, engineers, scientists, architects, government officials and home makers. Some have retired, some are still working, but all have a passion for working with children.