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A very young Gran!

A very young Gran: Meet a Granny in the making

Author: Suneeta Kulkarni [Suneeta is Hon. Director – The Granny Cloud and feels privileged to be able to spend time with both the children and the Grannies]


                        Shruti facilitates a Granny session


‘Meet a Gran’ is a series of blogs that will come up on the website because our Grannies are really special people and it’s one way of saying “thank you” for all they do.


But this time, there’s a tiny twist… We’d like you to meet a Granny in the making! She’s all of 13 years old and helps facilitate several of the sessions from the children’s end for preschool and primary grade children at the Granny Cloud Centre & SOLE at Pragat Shikshan Sanstha, Phaltan.


Shruti is special in many ways and we hope to share more of her story another day. But for now, we’d like you to meet her through her own words through a couple of brief reports she’s shared about the sessions she facilitates and the children she interacts with in this process. One of the key qualities because of which Shruti stands out is her initiative and urge to make the most of every opportunity that presents itself. Some opportunities she creates!


I am really proud of her and I know that the Grannies really appreciate her presence in the lab during these sessions as she supports the children through her own limited English language capabilities. [Shruti studies in a regional language school.] She has participated in Granny sessions for two years. It was during this period that she decided she wanted to be a Granny too! And we are happy to have her on our team.


I was visiting the lab at Phaltan yesterday [18th August, 2017] and Shruti had so much to share. Including the pictures the children had drawn during an activity following the reading of a story book. When I requested her to give me a write up, she agreed with alacrity, making sure she gave it to me before I started back for Pune.


Not only did Shruti take the initiative to read to Grade 1, she chose the book with care [A PRATHAM publication titled “I Can”]. And then she followed it up with an activity getting the 5-6 year old children to explore what they could do. Her aim – to raise their self confidence. And don’t miss her specific observations, including the differences in how different children respond!

Here’s what she had to say… Her own words, her own writing… take a look at the scanned report ahead.


Shruti Grade 1

                                                                                                       Shruti’s report on her Grade 1 session

children draw

                          The children express themselves – “I CAN!”


Shruti also facilitates sessions when there are Grannies at the other end! This is what she had to say about the preschoolers participating in the sessions.


Shruti on preschool kids

                                    Shruti Reports on the preschool Granny sessions


And we have young grannies in other places too… Shruti’s counterparts in Melbourne are just as special, and with these very enterprising youngsters at either ends, the Granny sessions are a real treat!

Phaltan & Melbourne

                         Young Facilitators – at Phaltan & in Melbourne

Keep going, Shruti! We look forward to more reports from you.

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  1. Renu Seth says:


  2. Ann Naden says:

    Dear Shruti,you are doing a wonderful job with the children as a granny. You understand how the children will learn,it is often difficult to transfer what I want the children to understand.You help them so much.
    Take care,keep up your good work.Granny Ann.

  3. Sandra Frisby says:

    What a wonderful story, and it is even more special because Shruti tells it in her own words. How wonderful it is that her teachers are encouraging her. She will make a fine teacher when she grows up ….. oh, wait a minute – she is already a fine teacher!!